We Make Healthy Simply Delicious!

Our gelato is an artistic expression of flavor and quality. It is also one of the healthiest, if not the healthiest, brands on the market. When you taste our gelato, you will find it difficult to believe that such a creamy, decadent and delicious frozen treat could also be so healthy.

Gelato Ice cream

What is Gelato?

Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream. This simple statement does not do justice to how wonderful gelato is as a frozen treat. As opposed to ice cream, gelato is not mass-produced and stored for months before being served. Gelato is handcrafted in small batches using only the freshest ingredients to create a frozen work of art. Pino Gelato artisans use authentic Italian recipes to ensure that their masterpieces taste as fresh and delicious as the gelato found in Italy.

We Make Healthy Taste Great

Gelato is very dense compared to ice cream products because ice cream is approximately 50% air by volume. Our gelato does not have air whipped into it. This results in a dense, intensely flavorful treat that is thick and creamy without the use of heavy cream. Ice cream requires much more fat content to maintain a creamy texture because ice cream has twice as much air as gelato. We create our gelato with low-fat milk for a much healthier product that is creamier and more flavorful than ice cream. Our sorbetto is made without milk, making it dairy-free, fat-free and it is gluten-free.

Discover What Italians Have Known For Years

We use premium, all natural ingredients to create our thick and creamy gelato ice cream flavors. We import some of our ingredients from Italy to ensure that our gelato has the same flavor as authentic European gelato. Because of our attention to quality, our gelato has an intense flavor that you will not find in other gelatos. From the fresh whole fruits to the premium high cocoa content couverture chocolate and real espresso, each ingredient is chosen for its freshness and quality.

Pino Gelato is proud to serve the best gelato in the United States. We invite you to try this healthy alternative to ice cream to discover what Italians have known for years – gelato is happiness in a cup.

Pino Gelato