Business Initiatives

You can be a part of the distinguished team at Pino Gelato. It is easy to open and operate a Pino Gelato location because of the unique business model that Pino Gelato has established. Pino Gelato provides exceptional leadership training, support and continuous industry education from our team of highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

Pino Gelato began with one store but now is a nationwide presence with four corporate stores, five airport locations and four licensee locations. Because we serve authentic gelato made with fresh ingredients and served in the traditional Italian fashion, we appeal to all types of consumers.

Customer Experience at Pino Gelato

The benefits of a Pino Gelato business include:

  • Open to co-brand opportunities
  • Potential to expand menu offering and concept for fast-casual service
  • Supply chain management
  • ERP ordering system
  • Product is delivered by the pallet in ready-to-serve pans
  • Attractive margins
  • Desirable revenue through proven business model

Pino Gelato’s flexibility, product quality, customer experience and space utilization are key factors that have separated Pino Gelato from our competition. Because we manufacture and ship our gelato frozen and ready-to-serve to all the licensee locations throughout the United States, start-up and overhead costs are minimal.

Shipping our gelato fresh to our partners eliminates on-site production and reduces equipment, inventory and labor expenditures. It also ensures for licensees consistent product quality while limiting product liability. Our model also supports flexible menus, quality brand recognition and strong ACDBE partnerships.

Frozen Desserts

Pino Gelato is on the fast track for acquiring new locations and relationships as we continue to provide authentic, premium gelato that has successfully weathered the competition of various trends in frozen desserts.

For more information on business opportunities or licensing please contact :
Pino Gelato